Här kommer Chainits första engelska intervju. Det är med Kamilya som är VD och grundare av Arbidex. Som ni säkert känner till så kan priserna på kryptovalutor skilja sig väldigt mycket beroende på vilken exchanges du använder. Arbidex gör en plattform som möjliggör att alla kan köpa in sig och tjäna på detta arbitrage.

Detta är Chainits första sponsrade inlägg. Vi har aldrig gjort det innan eftersom det är svårt att hitta bra seriösa ICOs, men nu påstår jag att jag hittat ett spännande projekt som jag tror kan intressera er, framför allt ni som tradar där ute. Den är på engelska eftersom det är rätt svårt att hitta svenska projekt inom denna industri. Läs den, och kom gärna med feedback efteråt.

Hi Kamilya! Can you tell us about yourself and what you’re working on?

Hey! It’s great pleasure meeting you. My name is Kamilya and I am a CEO of Arbidex. Since October 2017 my whole life has been devoted to the developing this trading plattform. No kidding! You probably know that difference between some coins and tokens prices might be up to 5% on different exchanges. But the trading ecosystem now is not providing any user-friendly tools for a trader to make money out of that. That’s why we invented Arbidex.

What is Arbidex? Tell us about its advantages please.

Arbidex is a trading platform that accumulates liquidity from all major cryptocurrency exchanges and completely automates an exchange arbitrage process for the stakeholders.

Our platform resolves one of the biggest pains of this market – arbitrage-trading speed. The process of automatic arbitrage with Arbidex platform is super convenient and takes almost no extra time, if we talk about functionality and usability. The most profitable chain is of 7 percent, but there are cases even of 30-50%. Still, this is the exception to the rule, due to a sharp increase of the exchange rate on one of the exchanges; a large order was placed below the market. The chain execution speed is 100 milliseconds. So basically, you deposit money, relax, and see how your assets value grow. Another great advantage – there is no commission fee for withdrawals.

What did you do before, and why did you drop your previous project and launched Arbidex?

I have always been passionate about new technologies. Before launching Arbidex I used to work as Head of Liquidity Management Department for INVENT – a large Russian energy holding with 8 plants. And that was really great experience! I was fascinated by the fact how blockchain technologies could change the real sector of our economy. And you could only imagine how fun it was to invite Vitalik Buterin to one of the largest industrial enterprises in the energy sector of Russia and discuss with him our ideas on the implementing blockchain technologies to the energy sector. Now I am a co-founder of crypto-assets fund, and the head of Blockchain Energy project.

What are the biggest problems you’ve faced since the Arbidex start?

Honestly, we were not ready for such great interest to our project. We experienced some tech problems, because we didn’t realize how badly market wants us. But now we managed to cope with all the problems, and of course we will compensate all the inconvenience that to our first users that deposited money.

What is the Arbidex business model?

We have organized the platform on the basis of the existing business – our arbitrage fund. In the process of growth we realise a need in the integrator of crypto exchanges. And then we realized that we need to attract more resources to fully implement the platform.

The revenue of the platform is based on 50% of profits from successfully executed arbitrage transactions and commissions for the execution of customer orders.

Explain more about your wallet, is it a centralized solution? Are you open source?

Actually, we don’t have a wallet. We have an account that is quite similar to the ones that you have on the exchanges because right now we’ve realised about 60-70% of exchange functionality on back end. We are centralized solution, not open source. We have a 2F verification already at this stage of development.

What features do you plan to add?

First amazing feature we are going to add is the possibility to have various of coins in your wallet. So you don’t need to register on a hundred exchanges to collect all the coins you need.
Second feature we are planning to add is the possibility to construct trade bots even for those who know nothing about programming. So basically if you have a trading strategy, you will be able to make it automatic.
And the third great feature is the possibility to view analytics about the deltas between exchanges.

Are you doing an ICO? 

A major goal for carrying out an ICO is to create and develop a platform for professional traders that allows to trade cryptoassets from different exchanges, via a single interface and to connect professional tools (like Meta Trader 4) providing a high-quality service with a low commission rate. The key feature of the platform is automation of inter-exchange arbitration process strategies, which allows the platform users to make profit by using a deposit to eliminate non-efficiencies of the market, i.e. arbitrage situations.

How does your team look? 

Our team is a group of people who are truly passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain located all over the world, and I can not say that it is already fully formed. If you follow our blog, you will see that about 2 times a week we have a new advisor on board. We also partner up with interesting projects to improve business development on the markets that we’re both targeting. A plan of development in foreign markets is also being discussed. Our team is really diverse and includes people from different areas – legal, programming, marketing, banking, artificial intelligence and so on. It helps us not to forget about anything before our tokensale start.

We have a big team of developers, now they are actually working 24/7, all the forces are thrown on the release of MVP, and a new version should appear within a few days. We have an amazing IT-consultant Alex Stern on board. Having more than two decades of successful IT services delivery & businesses administration, as well as rich academic and commercial writing skills, Alex is devoted to implementing projects with high quality reliable results within the adequately shortest time.  

What is the practical use case of your token? How will it go up in Value?

ABX token is used at Arbidex platform. It is an access tool to the platform, as well as an internal accounting tool. We envision the platform to be designed for professional community of traders. Hence members of our community – ABX tokens owners will be receiving an enhanced platform functionality that allows them to make extra profits from trading and arbitrage transactions, as well as the opportunity to develop it together with us.

ABX Token has the following functionality:
1. Access to premium platform features.
2. Token is an internal settlement facility with an integrated discount on Arbidex service.
3. Token is the right to participate in the platform development.

Also, for the listing of new tokens of new ICO-projects, an auction listing system will be introduced. The bids on this auction can be made only by ABX tokens. Unlike other platforms dealing with the listing of tokens in a rather vague operational mode with almost zero transparency for large contributions to BTC, we propose a different strategy – listing tokens of truly interesting projects that are valuable for the community.

What future of Bitcoin and blockchain technology do you predict?

In my opinion, it is correct to distinguish Blockchain as technology and bitcoin as solution for value storage and transportation. I think bitcoin will be one of future “safe assets” in world practice. Of course, it will continue to grow, may be not so rapidly as in 2017. Big institutional investors highlight it and will invest more in bitcoin than in 2017.
Blockchain will be one of main technology implemented in daily life. There will be wide set of financial services, third-party trustless solutions and many more. For example, I expect wide tokenization of different assets with fast interchanging between them, world-grade logistic solutions, loan and payment services and even new decentralized games and VR-worlds, where ownership for virtual reality and goods will be provided via blockchain registration. Just in a few years blockchain technology will totally change world’s landscape very fast. Fiat currencies also will be transformed into blockchain records.

Where can we go to learn more about ARBIDEX?

— Website: https://www.arbidex.uk.com/
— MVP: https://arbidex.io
— A Beginners Guide to Arbidex: https://medium.com/@arbidexpromo/a-beginners-guide-to-arbidex-e0e1f2f537d3
— Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFPKsxZsAXf26HhQNtp3Bgg

Thank you so much for joining us Kamilya!


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